Fast Matrix Multiplication
Berkeley Theory Lunch, February 2023 (slides)

(Fractional) Online Stochastic Matching via Fine-Grained Offline Statistics
STOC, June 2022 (slides)

Truly Low-Space Element Distinctness and Subset Sum via Pseudorandom Hash Functions
SODA, January 2022 (slides)

Element Distinctness, Birthday Paradox, and 1-out Pseudorandom Graphs
Yao Class Seminar, November 2021 (slides)

Random Order Vertex Arrival Contention Resolution Schemes for Matching
ICALP, July 2021 (video, slides)

Oblivious Online Contention Resolution Schemes
Yao Class Seminar, October 2020 (slides)

Near-optimal Algorithm for Greedy Consensus Tree
ICALP, July 2020 (video, slides)

Faster Algorithms for All-Pair Nondecreasing Path
ICALP, July 2019 (slides)